Counterus Hex

Hex and Counter games reviewed and discussed by an old Grognard.

Pondering violence

My name is Allen R. Butler, and I have been playing Hex and Counter war games since the 1970’s. Through everything that life gives us, both good and bad, the one constant in my life has been these amazing games. Sometimes forgotten or neglected, but always there when I turn around.

I started this blog because my friends look at me as if I have three heads with horns on each, whenever I start to talk about Terrain modifiers or combat results tables. So an outlet was needed, and once my pen began to write, I found others out there in the internets who share my passion for this hobby.

It is my sincere hope that the reviews I produce, and the opinions I expound here will help others better understand that war gaming is not only for grouchy old Grognards like myself, but can be enjoyed by any and all who posses something of an open mind and a wee bit of patience.


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