Counterus Hex

Hex and Counter games reviewed and discussed by an old Grognard.

So this week while working on my write up of Invasion 1066: The Battle of Hastings, I needed to do some research on the internet. As so often happens in such cases I became distracted and started looking for other games to add to my collection. Yes, I have a mind like a cat with ADHD. There are so many out there that I found myself spending hour upon hour looking at all the exciting titles and new concepts for Hex and Counter war games.
I finally broke down and threw money at some internet vendors, why? Because I am nothing if not an obsessive compulsive when it comes to these things. In no time at all I had convinced myself that not only were my purchases justified but absolutely necessary, by which I mean, on the same level as food shelter and clothing. It is an illness to be sure.
Yet in so doing, I have created a rather tense situation for myself, for now I must wait with great impatience for the delivery man.
A shipping notice arrives in my email, greedily my feverish mind looks directly for the projected delivery date. Will it be here on time, early, or late? Quickly I calculate transit times in the hopes that the vendor’s shipping department is run by some poor soul who somehow failed basic math. No luck it’s dead on. Twenty minutes later I am back to checking the tracking information, praying there is an update which will tell me my prize is one leg closer to being delivered. Or better yet some divine being who understands my plight, has intervened and somehow magically teleported the package three thousand miles. This happens every twenty minutes, every day, until it arrives.
Between checking on the status I find myself drooling over the anticipated awesomeness that my new game will bring. I envision masterful plays in which my unique genius contrives to change the course of history. I imagine the fresh ink smell of a newly opened game and the snap of the shrink-wrap as I tear at it like a wayward child on Christmas morn.  Oh how I do suffer the pangs of anticipation, and a type of madness overcomes me at such times. (I just checked again no progress)
Oh and when it does finally arrive my insanity does not fade, for most assuredly the package will come during the work week. Thus I will know that the shiny new box of awesomeness is languishing on my porch lonely and sad, needing only my hands to soothe its pain.  All the day long I will think on not much else but getting home as swiftly as possible, so to end the wretchedness.
I am certain that there are others such as I, who suffer this compulsive anxiety, in either greater or lesser degree. Yet this knowledge gives me no comfort, for I am still waiting for another delivery update!

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