Counterus Hex

Hex and Counter games reviewed and discussed by an old Grognard.

Panzer Blitz Scenario 1

Allow me to introduce myself and my new blog. I am Al Butler a longtime fan and admirer of Hex and counter board games.  My life like everyone else’s has been filled with ups and downs, chaos and peace, trial and triumph, yet through it all there on a forgotten shelf or here at my table, there has always been a board game. Waiting patiently for me to open its box and delve into all the mystery and fun it has to offer. I have fond memories of playing grand strategic war games into the wee hours of the morning with friends and, more often than not, without.  I also have dark moments of doubt and frustration mostly brought on by the pressures of life and responsibility, which has a nasty way of sneaking into what I call my “game time”.
I am a member of a table top gaming group which plays all kinds of different types of board and card games. However, though Euro and deck builders can be fun, I always find myself longing to break out an old Avalon Hill title and try to dispel the oft repeated myth that war games are boring. Yet I know that my crowd has very little interest in fighting across Russia in WWII or slugging it out at Shiloh in April of 1862. If only they could see what I do when playing a Hex and Counter game. For me there is more on the board than just a pile of chits with numbers on them.  There is the heat of the African Desert, as the 8th Army plods on holding Rommel at bay. There is the thunder of hooves  at Waterloo during a cavalry charge and the clashing of swords at Gaugamela. Each combat is not a mere mathematical computation of odds while strength and defense ratios are sorted out, but rather struggle, screams, elation, defeat,  fear, joy, sweat, anguish, all mashed together as a clever gambit pays off or a bad moves hurls you to the dark pools of failure.
Thus it is I have come to write this blog. For perhaps my love for Hex and Counter games can find an outlet here and I can stop pestering my friends with glorious stories from “back in the day”.
So I will focus primarily on those games past and present that fall into this genre so maligned. I of course will throw in other titles in my collection as I see fit, not as a sop to anyone or anything in particular, but simply to keep things interesting through variety.


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